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another newtown tragedy is heating up. >> our correspondent reports despite having criticism the n.r.a. is not backing down to any new gun laws. >> the sunday morning talk shows hosted heated debates over gun control. >> the fact that something is misused whether it's a baseball bat or the mass killing in a chinese school with an ax and a knife, doesn't mean you deny baseball bats or guns. >> but the easy availability of guns is a contributing factor. and you can't keep that off the table. >> politicians went toe-to-toe on solutions that could prevent a tragedy like the shooting at sandy hook elementary. the n.r.a. is not budging from the stance they took on friday calling for armed guards in our school.
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>> the former undersecretary is working on the n.r.a. for this. he called the armed security a deterrent, an effective way to deter people. >> you provide safety with armed personnel without putting fear in anyone. >> gun violence is down. >> but we have to keep working on this. and there are are lots of different solutions. the pro gun people who say don't include guns are wrong and the pro gun safety people like myself who say don't look at other solutions is wrong. >> it talks about these issues. earlier tonight, i asked rachel's comments from mr. lapierre.
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>> wayne lapierre came out after a week of silence. he talked about disdain for the media, violent video games and the lack of security at school was part of the problem but avoids guns being part of the problem. what's the reaction from this press conference? >> in washington the reaction was somewhat shocked by the news conference just because of the tone. it was so different from what we've been hearing from others in particular president omo bama who had called out on gun control. he's made this commission that vice president will lead that's supposed to report backy. and then wayne lapierre came forward and talked about putting armed officers in the nation. he was not aiming for the beltway crowd. that's important to remember. it will be interesting in the next few weeks and months how his comments played in other parts of the country outside the beltway. that's who he was talking to. >> he made the rounds in the morning talk shows and stood his
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ground despite the backlash. it would cost more than $2 billion to put security officers at every school in the country. does the timing seem odd that this is something that the n.r.a. is pushing for? >> it calls for congress to make this available immediately. congress and the president are in the middle of these fiscal cliff and there's no agreement in sight on that. so the idea that congress could suddenly put forward a lot of extra money for something new is not very real in washington. obviously, guns will be on the agenda next year. the president will be pushing for something very different than what wayne lapierre recommended but the national rifle association very powerful and they will have supporters for it as well. >> it seems that everything fell apart right before law makers left for christmas break. boehner's plan b didn't go over
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so well. >> it didn't go anywhere. and it was interesting because it looked like in the days before that that there had been some movement. president obama had changed his offer and they're really not that far apart on the actual numbers. speaker boehner could not get it through the house. he had to pull the bill. they seemed further apart. if he can't get it for the millionaire's tax, it will be very, very hard to see how we can get president obama to cut taxes for the $50,000 and below. -- $25078,000 level and below. -- $250,000 level. it does raise questions on his own position as house speaker. so many questions in the days ahead. it duds not -- does not look very optimistic.
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they did not fill us with holiday cheer. president obama when he spoke friday evening before he left to hawaii looked tired of the whole process. he'll be back mid next week as will congress. so they'll have a few days to get their acts together to come together on a smaller bill. it does not look like we're going to see anything large, the big deal at this point. we're looking at a scalled down measure if anything and it's not even clear that that will pass. >> kicking the can down the road. >> rachel, thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> all right. coming up -- there's a bar inside a local clothing shop. not sure what video that is. but we'll be right back. >> we want to tell you
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>> russia is taking drastic steps to prevent americans from don'ting -- don'ting -- adopting russian children. >> i thought i would have her here for this christmas. >> but for now baby paulina will stay in her russian orphanage. she says russian officials have
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made it nearly impossible. >> it's hurdle after hurdle. the process is incredibly burdensome. yesterday she made the difficult decision to withdraw her application for paulina. >> i would wait for her for years but i don't see any hope. >> it comes in the wake of the russian parliament's effort to push for a ban on u.s. adoptions on russian children. >> the proposal is seen as retaliation at the u.s. after president obama cracked down on human rights in russia. >> name of the proposed law is the original rush yab name of one of the children who tragically died in the country. >> the russian adoption expert said the ban could put the applications already in the pipeline in jeopardy. >> if it passed it means the
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suspension of all cases including cases that are in process now. >> those kids over there, they need a forever hope. >> her hope is to find that hope outside the u.s. >> if the russians will let a you're peen adopt her or someone other than american, it's her one chance. >> and russian's foreign minister is against this ban but the decision is on president putin. >> here's a look at some of the stories -- this week, president barack obama's win will be made official. >> rafael nadal was off the
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courts for six months but this week he will play in abu dhabi in an exhibition tournament. it turns out that he needed more time to heal. >> tomorrow night, it's christmas eve. pope benedict will hold midnight mass. this will be the eighth time he has presided since his papcy began in 2005. >> it looks like we're not going to get a white christmas. what sort of holiday will it be from a weather standpoint? but first the federal hot minute. >> the business of government is going through a dynamic change driven by se quest tration as well as other business trends. there's no shortage on this topic. stansomeloway urges the government not to repeat the mistakes made in the early 1990's.
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the last time we saw significant budget cuts. the cuts were made across the board and procurement work was impacted. he says that the cut must be more strategic. the articles sites from the 18th annual survey. it should be no surprise when you see the results of another survey. that shows how government contractors are seeking revenue in parks outside but adjacent to other governments.
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>> all right. three storms we're keeping our eye on. >> a lot of us will see a few flakes of snow. and at some point minority and west of d.c., fredrick county into low den -- louden county. we may see some heavier snow.
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but it's not going to stick. it's conversationtialal type of snow. >> you should be fine tomorrow. if you head out the door and you're going to shop all day long, what you want to do is grab an umbrella or maybe buy one. you can use it and reuse it and then give it to pamela. all righty. this is what we have outside right now. partly cloudy skies. our temperature, 37 degrees. you'll notice the wind chill factor exactly the same as the temperature because the wind has finally died down. earlier in the day 45 where we normally are this time of year, we normally see the temperature just beyond the freezing mark. today, we were pretty close to them. look at that record low of seven degrees set back in 1989. temperatures on our weather bug network. 28 after a high of 45 degrees. we had temperatures just around 47 earlier in alexandria.
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now at 31. our final stop will take us to lafayette district school. no rain today. but tomorrow it will be a different situation as we're looking for a wintery mix, late morning into the afternoon hours followed by rain after that. temperatures for winchester, martinsburg, fredricksburg at 33. our temperatures are still in the 20's in detroit and pittsburg. wind chill factor not much of a problem in terms of storms, we have three that we're going to talk about here. just to the seth: -- south and west of us. even tornados in the deep south. all this moves through the day tomorrow. we're not looking for anything severe but that wintery mix will bring up a chance for snow and mixed with some sleet. the ground temperature is going to be or way too
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warm to allow anything to accumulate. we're not going to be seeing snowplows, nothing like that. doppler radar is quiet right now. that will change for the day tomorrow. here's our future cast. moving through the overnight hour, the clouds will move in from the west. our first batch of showers will arrive. south of d.c., towards the north and east, notice everything in green and yellow. that's rain. the bands in like blue and purple that indicates freezing rain, sleet and a little bit of a wintery mix as we move into the mid afternoon hours fredrick county into montgomery county, a lot of this will fall as a wintery mix. all this moves on out other here as we move toward about midnight tomorrow night. our skies clear for christmas and by wednesday a more significant storm but this looks like it's going to pull far enough towards the west that we're going to look for mainly ain
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d.c. but if you're traveling out on wednesday to detroit to indianapolis you could be looking up wards of six to 10 inches of snow. nothing like that for us. but something to be forewarned if you're heading to any of those cities. partly cloudy and cold. 28 to 24 degrees. tomorrow temperatures will be in the upper 30's. wintery mix turning to light rain. and we may end things with a few flakes of snow. here's the ex-tened outlook showing the weather returning after wednesday. it's going to turn windy and colder by friday followed bay newer system. not a newer system -- system number three. >> all right. >> now we'll have a better chance of bringing in the potential for more wintery weather. but it's almost january. it's what we expect. >> so wintery mix
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>> ok. so when is your christmas tree too tall? when it breaks through your roof. at least that's what you're supposed to think. when looking that man's house in seattle, washington, patrick said he didn't want to do the usual deck rages so he cut a 14-foot tree into two pieces to pull off this display. >> got a lot of time in seattle. >>

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